A Love Story

- Holly Colino

How I learned to Move With Love

Move with Love began in a dark time of my life, when there was a lot of wine, a lot of tears, a lot of heartbreak, and a lot of loss.

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Our Founder
Meet Holly

Hi! I am Holly, but you can call me Bird. I have had an on and off again love affair with movement my whole life. It all began on 4-wheeled roller skates, where I danced the electric slide to C + C Music Factory. Those skates took me into the orbit of Modern dance where I earned a BFA from University of The Arts in Philadelphia. Dance and dreams brought me to NYC where I danced for local companies and apprenticed with The Martha Graham Dance Company.

It’s a Practice

At Move With Love, we use creative movement as a way to tap into our inner selves and find the strength and peace to move with love, every day. It’s a practice. We currently offer three types of movement classes — click below to see our upcoming schedule.


In our Move classes, we use movement as medicine to feel our bodies in shape, in space, in stillness, and everything in between. Be willing to feel your heart pump, your body sweat, and a sweet smile of bliss in the aftermath.


In our Breathe classes, we use breathwork and meditation to shift the chemistry in the mind and body. Be willing to calm things down, clear things out, and hit reset.


In our Sit classes, we use meditation as a means to accept or alter our thoughts. Be willing to sit and witness what shows up.

Spread the Love

Take the Move With Love spirit with you or gift it to a loved one! Our merch designs are all hand-drawn by friends of the MWL community and screen printed by hand in Brooklyn.

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