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We offer a variety of thoughtfully created movement classes that are accessible to all skill levels, ages, shapes, and sizes. Currently, we are offering our classes online — both live and on-demand — and we have begun to offer pop-up in-person classes as well! Scroll below to learn more about our classes and see our schedule.

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Class Descriptions
On-Demand Baby!

~Chairs part deux is a 33 minute practice that is great for mobility and support if coming back from an injury or a chance to add movement sneakily to your day if you have been sitting or flying all day. The practice draws inspiration from gaga, gyro-kinesis, yoga, and functional mobility. It can even be done in ‘regular clothes’, no Lycra required  just a chair. ⁠

~Burn Baby Burn is a 23 minutes of fiery core work. We begin on all 4’s, move into some forearm planks, and then take it down to the ground. Expect some spice and to be a lil sore the next day.⁠

~Clean House is a 16 minutes of pranayama that draws its inspiration from Katonah yoga and uses the metaphor of your body as a house. Houses get dirty and need to be cleaned from the basement to the attic, so we will roll up our sleeves, invite some effort, and clean up shop from inside out. Once our house is clean and tidy, we can sit and enjoy it in all its splendor. ⁠

~ Nap Time is a 27 minute restorative practice that serves as a much deserved ‘yoga nap’. Useful when you need some time to rest and reset. We will call on the powers of water through Varuna Mudra and lay on cozy pillows drinking up our breath. ⁠

~ The Lotus Flower is a 9 minute meditation focused around the symbolism of the ascent of the Lotus flower – from the muddy waters to the light of awareness. ⁠