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Be Strong

Posted On: September 23, 2021





1. having the power to move heavy weights or perform other physically demanding tasks.

2. able to withstand great force or pressure.

Be strong. We tell children, we tell friends, we tell ourselves in the rocky moments of our lives to be strong, to be tough, to get through. Strong is perceived as forceful, tight, and impenetrable.


real strength can be soft,

soft within the hard,

quiet within the noise,

fluid within the rigid,

strength is the water’s liquidity embrace against broken pieces of glass

smoothing away its edges.

Strength is continuing to show up when you want to give up.

Strength is gently holding someone’s hand and sitting in silence when no words will justly fill the empty spaces.

Strength is quiet, patient, and calm.

Strength is all in the how versus the what.

“It’s not the weight you carry but how you carry it – books, bricks, grief – It’s all in the way you embrace it, balance it, carry it when you cannot, and would not put it down,” Mary Oliver.

This (I believe) is what it means to be strong.

move with love.




Contemplate the Strength Tarot Card

“The Strength Tarot card is the Major Arcana card of inner strength. It represents mastering raw emotions in order to bring calm to yourself or a situation. It is similar to the Chariot in that it represents overcoming challenges. However, the Strength card usually refers to inner challenges. Overcoming the obstacles we face in relation to our own doubts, fears and anxieties. In a general context this card indicates that you are learning to master your fears and anxieties, to be courageous and daring. You have all the skills you need to be successful, the focus now is to conquer your inner worries and believe in yourself. Take the time you need to master your emotions, be patient and compassionate with yourself and you will find a new confidence in yourself and your abilities. Strength, as well as being representative of taming your emotions, can also represent taming someone else’s wild ways. This is not done by trying to dominate the other person but by gentle coaxing, positive

reinforcement, encouragement and compassion.” – The Tarot Guide

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