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When life gives you lemons

Posted On: March 22, 2020



“Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror. 
Just keep going. No feeling is final. Don’t let yourself lose me.”
~ Rainer Maria Rilke

Many years ago, I lay in Savasana- heart in throat, sweat on skin, metaphorical death happening to every cell of me-  when I heard Rilke’s words read to me. His words seemed to encapsulate every emotion, feeling, and thought I’d ever had. Never had truer words been uttered. Words I feasted on.  Words that became gospel to my ears, my heart, and my life. Words that I have come back to many a times. Words that are with me right now.
These words serve as reminders, as mantras that everything is happening. All the beauty AND all the terror. That we must keep swimming like Dorie, the little blue fish. That all of this is temporary. Nothing lasts forever. We have survived much and we will survive more. This will not be the end of us. Yes, It will create a world we’ve never seen nor known. And we must stay close to our center- our truths, our gods, mama earth, the universe- all will not be lost. 

ToolBox 🧰

Vajrapradama Mudra

Unshakable Trust Gesture is best used in times when you need to lean in and trust the process

How- Interlace your fingers all the way to the webbing and place against your chest.

Sit and take a few deep trusting breaths.

Inspiration Station 🦋