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Let it flow to let it go

Posted On: May 1, 2020


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Let go and let god.
So many thoughts. So. many. thoughts. On Wednesday, my internet connection went out 20 minutes into my zoom with love class. A class where I was speaking about water- water reminding us to let go, to change, to rearrange, to feel, and to transform. You see I have been missing water terribly lately. A born-and-raised city-girl through and through; sidewalks, skyscrapers, and loud noises have always been home. Home that is, until I go to a large body of water. I am no fish by any means–I am actually a pretty bad swimmer–but all that surrounds water is so tantalizing. The smell, the sound, the bigness of it all, my smallness in relationship to its bigness. When I close my eyes, I see an older me living by a large body of water. I call it my Mary Oliver moment. Or I close my eyes and I envision the many days of last summer- the Far Rockaways, Jacob Riis Beach, Brighton Beach, and, yes, Coney Island. Or I escape to Rishikesh, India. I go to the Ganges. I sit at the lip of Ganga ma and I pray. I listen. I give alms. I seek quiet. I dunk in her waters.
            Water, as we know, is different everyday. Some days smooth and tranquil, other days rough and turbulent. Water creates. Water destroys. Water is life. Water is death. Water can hurt. Water can heal. In the subtle body, water is represented in the second chakra- Svadhisthana- which lives by the sacrum. It is a space of pleasure, creation, creativity, sex, money, sensation, movement, guilt, sweetness, and the abode of the self. Anodea Judith states, “In recovering the second chakra, we reclaim our right to feel. We also reclaim passion and pleasure, neediness and vulnerability, and our sensate connection to both inner and outer reality. We free the flow of dynamic energy that is essential for growth, change, transformation and release the armor that separates us. We can then reclaim the intimacy that we long for, ending our fragmented isolation.”
            Right now, we are cut off from our legs, our stability shaken, uncertainty heightened, our hips filled with too much sitting and our minds filled with too much thinking. Maybe too much time trying to get through it rather than feeling it. Feel the ebb. Feel the flow. Feel it, to let it go. I fought that zoom call, fought it hard, trying to get back on, until I realized I needed to let it go. I needed to listen to my own advice, practice my own words, and go with the flow. And Wednesday, the flow was a no. The flow was a surrender. A let go and a let god take over.  

ToolBox 🧰


let your thoughts take on the quality of water.

Inhale- let     Exhale- go

hit repeat for 10 minutes.

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