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Posted On: June 12, 2020



            Meditation. Observation. Sitting with one’s self. Doing the work. Dismantling our default modes.
Self Reflection is a component of meditation. So much of the time, the thoughts about meditation are you sit down, close your eyes, and poof – don’t think a thing. This is why some folks, me included, can feel like they are bad at meditation.  Meditation is the sitting with the self.  Unleashing the seer in us all. The seer is the piece of us that is ever unchanging. The seer is the watcher, the witness and the observer of our thoughts. Through observation we can question, challenge, accept, and/or release the thought. We can ask where did it come from? Why is it here? Is this a thought that is learned behavior? Is it biased?  Has this thought been passed down to us? Is it even mine to hold?
            None of this may sound meditative, however, this is where our meditation on self-reflection becomes very powerful. It’s in these questions where we come upon choice. Is this a thought I’d like to keep nourishing by the continued thinking of it? Or is it time to release this thought? And not just release the thought, dismantle the thought, and replace the thought. Replace our default mode of thinking with thoughts that are more inclusive to ourselves, more inclusive to our communities, more inclusive to the world around us.

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