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So Hum

Posted On: October 18, 2021


So Hum

The definition of a mantra in Sanskrit is combination of two words, manas (mind) and tra (tool), literally translating as “a tool for the mind”. It is a word or sound repeated again and again to help aid in meditation. A mantra can be anything that helps you stay steady- Move With Love, Om Namah Shivaya, Keep Going, or for this past week’s focus- So Hum.

So Hum translates as I am that. The ‘that’ being something bigger than the labels that we or others put on us – daughter, mother, brother, lawyer, artist, jealous, controlling- you get the picture.
That… reminds us that we are everything and we are all.

Also, this mantra has a fill in the blank capacity, meaning, you can be anything you need to be in any given moment, day, week, month, or year. 

I am _____

I am powerful. 
I am love. 
I am grace. 
I am soft. 
I am light. 
I am strong. 

Mantra, as a practiced technique, can aid in undoing or unlearning some of our old belief systems that have limited us from our true potential by reminding us that at anytime we can rewire our mind. Anytime we can Move with Love or anytime we can remember we are divine. 

Move with Love.



So Hum Meditation

Find a comfortable seat,
grounded hips, lifted spine, soft face,
eyes closed or vision blurred.

Inhale- So
Exhale- Hum

Inhale- I am
Exhale – that 

Inhale- I am
Exhale – all

all is within me, all guides me, and all protects me.

Try to repeat it for 5 minutes 3x this week. 


Gloria Gaynor “I am what I am”