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Growing Slowly

Posted On: April 26, 2020


Musings ✨

“Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.” Plato

 Down the street from my house is a little community garden; Mama Dee’s is her name. I share a “bed” with my friend Melly. This will be our second year of planting Kale, Swiss chard, Spinach, and some new editions. While clearing out the dead leaves, trash blown from the street, and weeds- we discovered a box of old Daffodil bulbs. Sadly, they looked like they’d come to the end of their days. I took 4 of them home, just incase there was a little life left in those seeds. I put them in little glass vases with water to sooth their thirsty roots and waited. A few days later, I saw what appeared to be growth in 2 of them. A stem bursting, fighting, clawing its way through to the light. Day by day, a little more growth appeared- you had to look very closely to see it.
Now weeks later, these stems are climbing high out of the water. Will there be flowers, I still don’t know, and somehow that no longer matters. What matters is the continual growth. The privilege of witnessing growth, watching growth while feeling “stuck” indoors. These daffodils are a big reminder of our growth. We are growing no matter how tiny it might be or feel. We are not held in place, not now not ever. This growth might be small, but it be damn mighty.

ToolBox 🧰

Gratitude Letter 
In this time of hard, here’s an exercise to make things a little less hard.

Close your eyes and envision someone in your life that changed it for the better. They might of said something to you that was game changing or did something that altered the course of your life. It might be big or small AND it was significant. As you “see” this person, let’s thank them for the impact they’ve had on your life. Let it be a person you can call or zoomie zoom zoom with. Your mission is to write them a gratitude letter, articulate to them how they have impacted your life for the better. Next, make a date with them and be sneaky, don’t tell them why. Once on the phone or camera with them, read them the letter. Read the letter without interruptions (ask them nicely to listen). Once you’ve read the letter, discuss it with each other. It is studied and proven through Positive Psychology that this gratitude “visit” will give you an outpouring of positive emotion. You will feel happier, less depressed, and less anxious from the visit which will carry on through the month. 

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